The Lie Detector With Noah Beck | The Dixie D'Amelio Show

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Pro 2020.
The time has come..... Noah got his way and our last video got 2 million likes so a promise is a promise. At the end of this video, you'll see what 3 million likes gets!! I hope you all enjoy watching!
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  • thanks for watching!!

    • You are welcome

    • I love NohDix🌸

    • 3Million Likez?!... 🤔Choose Each Other Tattoos Or Shave Noah Head😂🤣🤣🤣...

    • Omg ilysm I’m a huge Dixie stick 😊

    • I888

  • We all gotta appreciate the lie detectors humor

  • Lie detector with addison or charli

  • L.A only has one lie detector guy.

  • You are amazing dixie d'amelio

  • Lol him saying that he wouldnt be in the hype house niw in 2021 he in the hyoe house


  • God the hate in this section ugh, atleast she's honest plus let's stop judging people's entire lives and the depths of their relationship from one video please! Much Love to this cute couple ❤️

  • Give dixie all your shoes

  • Your smile is enough to make others smile

  • the most awkward video evaaa

  • People need to chill, I’m literally like this with my partner loooooooooool and we are in love with each other

  • Dixie got throw his phone

  • The "do you like snails?" didn't age well

  • Girrrllll is sooo childish No hate here

  • shes so childish bro

  • Y'all don't know what happens off camera what this was just fake and a joke


  • Like we didn't know Noah has a thing for James like come on now.

  • John is everywhere

  • her laugh is seriously irritating

  • Uhhhh this video upsets me , hes so sweet and genuine and shes soo annoying and ugh! I don’t understand why he loves her! Shes not that great

  • John come to anasala channel 🤣😜

  • It’s crazy they’re the same age but Noah is so much more mature and emotionally intelligent than Dixie.

  • She needs to go up a little bit. So childish.

  • Shave your head noah

  • Okay but like who almost cried 😭😭

  • Not joah omg Noah I didn’t know you were attracted to him okay okay I’m just kidding but Dixie you handled it very well in that situation props to u

  • the pain in noah's eyes

  • I feel like noah was the one being rude and asking her such direct questions when she clearly wasnt ready to answer them so that thousands of people could see.i think this test was intimidating for her.

  • Feeling proud to be single

  • yall break up for 24 hrs

  • whyd they post this😭😭😭

  • come on we got to do it

  • This is basically 14 minutes of Dixie breaking Noah’s heart 🥴

  • Go bald

  • noah beck is a simp my guy!!!!!!!!!

  • my mans really just sat there like :D

  • The opinion of somebody that doesn’t like or hate Dixie and Noah: I feel like you all should stop judging their relationship. You don’t know everything that they have gone through or every single conversation they’ve had. Y’all are literally online bullying them at this point. Find something better to do with your time.

  • i still want to see the lie detector on charli and chase-

  • Ong

  • what a brat...

  • Noah cuts Dixie hair

  • The game is rigged we all know no one is scared of her

  • I'm sorry but Dixie is so awkward-

  • “i never post unless it’s for money” god i hate her

  • Someone needs to tell her that being trashy isn’t a personality trait

  • Petition for Noah to leave Dixie for James

  • me be nervous for COMPLETLYY NO reason

  • dixies so toxic😭

  • yoo Dixie is so rude for what

  • he should give her the boot... apples and oranges with them... he seems like he is about 20 years older than her.

  • I understand the part where Dixie ask Noah if he would fight for her because she already mentioned the story where some middle schoolers attacks her and he did nothing, it’s important to have a partner who stand up for you but overall she seems very toxic for him.

    • Lol middle schoolers . I would just ignore them .

  • Dieser Moment wenn sie sagt: bitte verletze meine Gefühle nicht ! UND DANN VERLETZT SIE SEINNEEE

  • Doah is so cute omg


  • She was never being rude to him ya just mad sensitive 😂

  • Its stressing me out that they kove with every question I thought they had to stay stillll

  • “A really good friend”

  • Who else thought the pillows were fluffy dogs

  • I kinda feel bad for dixie cause everyone in the comment section is saying that shes doesnt take the relationship seriously but dixie issnot the type of person to film and stuff and she has a awkword persanality and Noah has more of a open presanality so erm stop...just stop

    • And yes im gonna like my own comment Lol

  • Who's here after season 2 of the Dixie D'amelio show

  • "3 million likes" she really thinks high of herself huh

  • Poor Dixie 🥺❤️

  • james watching this be like : :0

  • "you're just sensitive" can she stop

  • I don’t get how everyone can call Dixie a bitch and all these names for her responses and the way she acted when SHE was just HUMILIATED online from her previous relationship. How she gon set herself for another humiliating moment, oh wait she can’t she has to keep her guard up. Y’all are assholes for that.

  • Is Dixi pragnet

  • Say omd/oh my dog

  • do you just know that a couple is bound to break up eventually based on just looking at their interactions lol

  • Noah: can you see yourself marrying me Dixie:n0 Me/things in Noah's head: waking up in the morning thinking about so many things. I just wish things could get better I'm trying to get rid of them but nothing seems to stay the same

  • Dixie how much % do you love Noah

  • Omg noahhhh

  • @brycehall @kiocyr @blakebray @griffinjonnshon

  • Noah is so love in her and she's just rude to him lol feeling bad for noah tho

  • no yes huh !! wth 😂

  • Yeah he deserves so much better

  • She is being rude

  • 5:13 Noah is blushing

  • Its like you are creating DRAMA.

  • Who else loves dixies laugh 🥺😇

  • john is such a mood we stan john

  • DIxie: you think im annoying Noah yeah Me: Laughing my ass off

  • Trap Noah in a room with 100spiders

  • Push Noah in the pool

  • noah :do u see urself marying me Dixie : no noah :am I wasting my time Dixie : in this moment i know i fucked up ...

  • yo she so mean you can tell he loves her but she just tries to control him

  • The next video you do with Noah should be Noah can’t say no for a day

  • I think dixie don't desire the hate bc she was just doing what you guys choosed (cs you like the video) and you can't be talking like thath you don't know what happened maybe they got in to a litle argument so im here to defend doah

  • Is she dumb or is she dumb ??

  • Food Challenge

  • Lol 😂 is he acually in love with James charles!?

  • Poor Noah but Dixie is SO cute

  • Honestly feel like sways a cult

  • Lie detector test with James Charles and Noah copy to make it happen

  • How about that 11:35

  • pov: Dixie and Noah had a argument before that video

  • Who's watching this after she got her own show?

  • Y’all why hate comments Dixie is my fan 🥺😇❤️

  • I know she did not just ask for 30 million likes