The Dixie D'Amelio Show with Trippie Redd

Datum objavljivanja: 21. Lis 2020.
Hey guys! This week on the Early Late Show, Trippie Redd!
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  • Thanks so much for watching!! Who should I have on next??

  • He go hard

  • Trippie redd

  • Tell him smoke a wood in the woods on some wood

  • Why does this guy have so many tattoo on his face

  • 1:32 LEGENDARY moment

  • Xxxtentanicion ya

  • Trippie redd the xxxtentacion like🖤🖤🖤🖤🕊 trippie redd the charlie damelio scroll🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • when the white girl and thug get grouped together in class

  • this nigga said his grandma favorite color is red he really js a blood

  • lol trippie just hit dixie with the uno reverse card

  • stop saying I was a blood guys‼️ my grandma just likes the color bloo- I mean red‼️

  • Charli asks him who he is even tho lile a month before this she danced to his song

  • put 6ix9ine

  • Kskksk tremeu na base a xarli d'a milio

  • Her and her sister annoying asf! Those girls who’re nosey asf and weird! Little dragged out white voices

  • Redd is blood

  • Your friend is extantacion this is friend he said baby and you doing my life like he was xxxtentacion and now he's here Dixie come on man

  • No trippie redd is Xxxtentacion 💔

  • Charlie said “hi who are you?” ☠️☠️☠️☠️🤣😭 BITCHH

  • On rolling loud interview he says he's real second name is black so he wanted a color in his rap name

  • Him tryna not say he a blood is funny 😭😭

  • Charlie was so confused 😂 she had no idea who he was

  • plıs

  • no xxxtentacıon

  • no xxxtentacıon

  • They smashed after this

  • Trippie red ist doch tot

  • When is he going to talk about xxx

  • He doesn’t look like he wants to be there 🤣🤣

  • AT one point it was Trippie asking the questions

  • Trippie cappn bout his grandma’s favorite color he legit said before its bc he blood😭

  • Trippie look like he was not tryna be there😂

  • It's an angel behind a number

  • this sucks

  • the fact that i know that he was lying about how he got his name is crazy

  • He wanna leave. i don't blame him

  • Trippie how much you get paid for this

  • Who ever thought this would happen

  • such a good interview

  • Minnesota gang?

  • Do one with slump god pls

  • why she telling him he was late lol

  • why is she with him lol ew

  • A awesome and one of the best the mooost talented singer with overrrrrrrated girl

  • Looks like one of my ph searches no 🧢

  • 69 song blew him up same with dark night dummo but 69 and him were best friends before they both got eachother poppin

  • He’s right my pinkie finger hurt so bad I actually started to get tears in my eyes but I had broken my pinkie broken 2 times before so I think that’s why it hurt so bad I never had tears in my eyes on any tat except my pinkie

  • Charli is such an attention seeker

  • i feel betrayed

  • Real reason why Red = Blood 🟥🔥

  • did we just see one talented guy and 2 girl without ?

  • The roles are switched I discovered Charli and you from this trippie interview, I try to keep up with Trippie I’m a huge fan of his (top 1% listener worldwide)

    • 1 am mindless comment mang I mean trippie doesn’t even know he so talented

  • trippe redd really jus cane out of nowhere

  • Life’s a trip 2 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • i liked only for trippie

  • Eggs for dinner and Savage yeah I know more about you going to be home o

  • lmao trippie switched the interview real quick 😂😂

  • What if they did one with x but it’s to late now He’s gone😔

  • But seriously though trippe redd trips a lot with green No red

  • Just to let you know hes god ok

  • He did not even say the real reason why he put red in his name

  • pisses me off that noah beck got more views on his interview when trippie been working all his life and noah jus famous cause he's attractive

  • trippie didnt deserve this😭


  • Why man why😔

  • Hey

  • Trippie Redd is sitting Charlie: do you dance haha

  • He couldn't say he was a blood 😂😂😂😅😭🤣😭

  • 😐

  • Who call u ?? In 4:35

  • He papi I love him

  • I wish i could see xxx there too

  • Dixie should be honored that trippie redd did a interviewed with her

  • “The energy is always different, especially Minnesota they...... be going different.” And this is an “artist” who supposedly specializes in vocabulary. Lmfaoooooooo that’s when you know raps in a bad state. What a joke. This man has the IQ of a squirrel and this is who you’s quote and idolize. Yikes!

  • My mens hair looks like a dragon

  • I hate u drippy red

  • Charli really said who are you???🤧🤧😫😫😭

  • He high asf😂🔥

  • Revenge socks

  • Dababy u should have him on

  • Dixie interviews trippie Trippie starts interviewing Dixie

  • Yo you know that's Orlando Brown right trippie Redd's dead pass the word bro we need to let this man rest

  • I kinda feel bad for Trippie


  • Charlie lowkey a better interviewer

  • Trippie redd no xxxtenations

  • good vidéos, I can stand that, and this guest I love it !

  • “Weeeeee”

  • Trippie in the thumnail is just telling the camera "im here for the money, dont make me do dancey dances...... Please"

  • This is cringe

  • We all know red ain't his favorite colour he a blud

  • My sister:*interviewing trippie redd* Me: *coming down stairs and saying in head OMG OMG WTH TRIPPIE REDD AHHHH OMG WAIT THERE LOOKING AT ME BE COOL BE COOL CHARLI OK LETS DO DIS* Me:*shakes his hand like I domt know him* Trippie redd: nice to meet you Me: 😐😶

  • Charlie be tryin to set em up

  • Just 1 answer trippie redd its the name you can easy remember hush

  • Hahahha he looks so awkward at first lmaooo

  • Love that he started asking her questions, real conversation

  • Can she stop lookin at him like that.

  • Nah you out redd cause you a blood

  • im from conneticut