The Dixie D'Amelio Show with Jaden Hossler

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Lis 2020.
Hey guys! This week on the Early Late Show, the very very guest, Jaden Hossler!
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  • Thanks so much for watching!!! Who's next????


  • lol it kinda hits dif now that we know who he rly is

  • Whos here when Jaden and Nessa are a thing?

  • I love the awkward ending

  • Omg Dixie❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Next do Avani and madi

  • put ness on hereeeee

  • he was moving alot

  • 🤤

  • the duo we never expected

  • Dixie is so awkward & unfunny holy sh*t

  • CONSPIRACY: They dyed their hair so they can’t match in this certain video. U can tell they hate eachother XD ALL JOKES

  • I want more of Dixie D’amelio’s Early Late show!

  • 0:00==0:03😂😂😂

  • Me literally having fallen in LOVE with jaden... *crying cuz im normal*

  • A friendship we need more of

  • Джейден: я не проглочу это.. У меня во рту дети рыб??! Дикси: да🗿 Хпхахахпхпхпх

  • I hate myself for saying this in my head #(80

  • I had to stop watching in the first 3 minutes because he was constantly readjusting himself back and forth into the same two positions

  • No kidding he sounds like chase Hudson

    • He sounds like Payton 👀👄👀

  • Jaden and chase had like the same position and similar interviews

  • The unusual airplane uniformly matter because enemy markedly intend from a fast hat. imported, jagged lipstick

  • Man that's one feminine boy. Smh. Hope my son doesn't turn out like that.

  • Jaden: "i feel like a celebrity" Me: u ARE a FAWCKING CELEBRITY

  • Nessa

  • She would have been nothing without her sister.

  • In the begging Jaden and Dixie where so awkward it’s so funny 😂

  • How did she not die in the beginning

  • Jaden:whenever feelings are involved u should never make emotional decisions jaden a few minutes later Jaden:do u love Noah?

  • Jaden looks weird with curly hair

  • I feel like he isnt nervous, that chair just looks uncomfortable asf, like its tall and shit

  • 6:18 I understand that so much. I have to do something I love or I just don’t want to do it. I really feel bad for people who are stuck at a job or multiple jobs just to get by. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for them mentally.

  • 🤣😂😂🥰🥰😚😚

  • Ak 420 is next!!

  • 0:02 😳

  • 0:02 *ok pause* *flies*

  • Is this kid smoking tweek??? Can't sit still to save his life . Good lord lay off the bulb

  • I love how dixie stands up for chase and his style

  • It was not nice to say a very very guest to jaden

  • next time you should ask Josh to be on the show! I am such a huge fan of u by the way!

  • fish babies😂

  • ✨fish babies✨


  • do josh richards next or vinnie hacker or bryce hall


  • 6:02

  • Este video me dio un bi panic 🕳🏃

  • “Oh its a cUcUmBeR” 😂💞

  • Do you Love noahh ???

  • I Love jxdn

  • I swear I have watched all of her videos everyday since she has uploaded and I can't stop.

  • I’d love to be on ur show!!! 💗💗

  • grffien Johnson tbh

  • jaden: chase is hard dixie:your buddy josh didnt think so i died XD😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • aint this the guy who defended the kkk

  • do kouvr or olivia or one of the sway boys

  • She loves noah She loves noah She loves noah She loves noah And NOBODY can tell me otherwise

  • his fricking pearls touching the mic are annnooyyinggg

  • Jaden just cannot sit in one place lol

  • His fashion sense, music and personality are bomb

  • I love the Dixie show! Jaden is a really good artist, his music is so real and uplifting. I need him in my life bro!

  • Jaden ist idol

  • Uff she s so weird...

  • 2:25

  • But how did Dixie know his hands where sweaty 😶

  • U should do an episode with josh

  • Does someone know what "unfollow" they are talking about at 2.24?

  • The best thing is I love both

  • Griffin watching the vid : 😥💀⚰️

  • Why do I kinda ship Dixie and jaden


  • At 3:49 when someone walks past in the back round next to the food outside

  • Bryce watching this like :👁👄👁

  • Dixie and Jaden should make a song together

  • don’t he support the kkk?

  • U should do it with griffin

  • next time you should ask him about his homophobia 🥰

    • Mmm no. Lol twitter rumors😂

  • I seriously love the chairs so much !

  • those shoes tho... FIRE

  • awwww Jayden: "Do you love him , can we say that?" dixie: " *adorable nervous giggle* yesss..... *cute in love smile*

  • Why is Jaden fidgeting so much

  • Your not funny

  • clearly jaden didn't know where to put his legs lmao

  • hello 👋

  • The painful oval probably attract because oval transmurally command an a far-flung chalk. stormy, cute trip

  • Someone count the amount of leg switches he did😂😂

  • Dexi Being the second Ellen

  • they should do a song together !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah,I did a mash up of their song and this is on my channel! You can watch it if u want 😁

  • I feel like Dixie being a tv host or doing talk shows would be a more suitable career choice for her instead of music

  • you two are amazing

  • Thanks a lot Dixie, for doing this with Jaden

  • amazing video!!

  • I love you Dixie

  • Bring bryce in this show ....will love to see his humor

  • Dixie : jumps on the chair Also dixie : hi 🥺

  • Jaden mic grgrgrrgrgrgrhrhrhr

  • People keep posting this say Dixie it not a normal HRdownr

  • this video should've been called 10 minutes of jaden and dixie talking back and forth and jaden also moving his shoes around every 5 seconds

  • This dudes a brat lol