The Dixie D'Amelio Show With Larray

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Stu 2020.
Hey guys! Here it is!! The most requested episode on the Dixie D'Amelio Show. You've all been asking for @LARRAY for a while and here he is! We had so much to talk about, I think you'll see another episode with Larray in the future!!!

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  • First

  • let's talk about the fact that Dixie was tazed 💀

  • Her intro Shes a great host Ima be real i think tiktok is bs but the way she does it is weirdly entertaining

  • Ain't that convenient

  • When Dixie started crying Larry I’m his head be like *oh crap I am going to lose follows and all that* Oh no sorry

  • noah he stealing u girl

  • yo weren't they flirting at the beginning lol wtf

  • The fact that his phone fell 😳😳

  • Lmfaoooo not Larray catching her lie “Ilovecharliessister567”

  • Hii

  • Hii

  • No one: Not a single human being on this planet: Not even Donald trump’s orange skin colour Me: is larray married?

  • Why do u and charli look the same???

  • Get josh richards

  • Larray Smile 🥰

  • I genuinely think that if she wrote down the questions it would be much more interesting

  • Dixie:~fake crying~ Larray:Mind: Fuck i made her cry Larray:Wait what no Dixie:Sike

  • People watching this -in bed -not watching in full screen -reading comments

  • Hey wassup

  • Lareay: I'm joking "be happy" "Be happy" 😁😂😂

  • Larry and Noah have a think idc what people say and James is just the third to the spicy dances in bed

  • i think larray broke when dixie started fake crying

  • 'i had a fanpage for you too' ilovecharli'sister567 LMFAO

  • He nailed it her personality is mean lol

  • I wish there were Turkish subtitles

  • nice

  • 4:39 why did they cut that part of? He for sure said something else, this dixie girl can't go in my head, she's just sooo "🤢"

  • I loved this

  • this isn’t very covid friendly

  • Be Muslim if you want to...

  • It would be cool to see larray and dixie make a song

  • Ok but am I the only one who doesn't like her..?

    • You don’t need to be rude you can dislike someone without saying it


  • Feat lil mosey please

  • Not me thinking that larray was gonna say his fav collab is issa😭😂

  • Omg she looks like charlie at 0:29 Omll

  • "OWA OWA"

  • Dixie laugh in this is awesome

  • This is awesome

  • Can you to a part two

  • Hurry up and get the vid with Noah in it 3m likes i want to see the pain in Noah's eyes just imagine him bold lol😂😂😂😂😂

  • me watching larrys phone dropping waiting for him to see it

  • my little sister just said "omg is that charli" and i shouted nooo thats dixie

  • Como hago para entender necesito subtítulos en español 😭 plis

  • It’s funny how it’s dixies show and whatever she asked larray he asked her the same thing 😂

  • Dixie you are so so so pretty and wonderful and amazing you and Larry makes great friends if you can do a chat thing with Noah beck if you did sorry I have not seen it

  • Hi Dixie I love you I am so like you I have a sister and 1

  • dixe wats yrue relly name

  • Travis Scott

  • Travis Scott

  • Travis Scott

  • Travis Scott

  • Travis Scott


  • did anyone else see Larray's phone drop at 4:58 ?

  • 3:36 "ok queen god" 🤣🤣


  • When she fake cries- Wait- Wait what?

  • hola

  • this has to be the most entertaining video on this channel the others are no where near this good

  • Watching this back then, I thought when Dixie asked him who was his fav person to collab with, I lowkey thought he was gonna say its Issa, I was like O-Oh, no hate

  • you dixie d'amelio im going to make a disc you jerk

  • Ppl keep saying Larry but its LARRAY

  • 4:44 this is me when i make a joke and feel bad, hahaha like my friends have a mean sense of humor so when I make one, i feel terrible

  • 1:29 my birthday number and im so happy that I'm not the only one with a laugh that makes other people laugh

  • Lol Dixie's wrecking everyone w the FIRST thing anyone does on a YT video

  • Next star should be ryland and nick

  • Do it with Bryce hall

  • We are your Arab followers, can you translate the words you say in your interviews in Arabic, i.e. you write it translated below😩

  • larray hahahaha😂😂

  • larray is the sweetest person in the planet

  • Lmao did not see the brown thing in larray pants?

  • Larray needs his own show.😂 Srsly tho it would be the best 👌

  • yo man why do they say larry his name is larray

    • His real name is Larri. Its prononced Larry.

  • When he thought you where crying and him: wait what dixie: ok so...

  • Larri: Yes darling, I was on the billboard 100 didn't see you there Dixie: * makes herself look sad then fake crys* Larri: no no omg I was just joking 😨 omg wait wait what Dixie: stops crying Larri: OH 😨😲😳🤭

  • She thought she did something when she said that to Noah the first time she met him 🥴🥴

  • this setup makes me feel uncomfy

  • Dixie thinking that she had an advantage "So Larray you had a fan a account for the Dolan twins" Larrey: SO WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SNAIL ??? 😃😆

  • it’s ok larray we already knowww

  • Dixie could be an actress

  • Love you Dixie

  • when Dixie started fake crying i tried to do it too🤣

  • we need don Toliver on here !

  • First time hearing Larray being scared of someone

  • Hi

  • 7,000st

  • Luv it

  • *rough

  • What is this show even about?


  • Let's talk about the time I made you cry😜

  • Hello there 👋! I just wanted to ask you something. Was there a time when you’ve done something so wrong or cruel that you can’t be forgiven? Did the action you pursue create hurt for another? There was a time when I did that. It broke down my soul. I thought to myself ‘I could never be forgiven.’ ‘What I did can never be taken back.’ I went down a steep, deep road that caused me to feel like I’m unworthy. If you’ve ever felt like that, let me tell you this: you are worthy. No matter what you have done, you are truly worthy of someone’s love. The countless of sins you have done won’t matter to this someone. The someone is waiting for you and wants to give you a big hug to make you feel better, to make you feel like a new person, to make you feel worthy. That someone is God. When you cry out to Him that you’ve sinned and unworthy. He won’t care that you have sinned for the umpteenth time. None of that matters to him. He will only care about you. He LOVE YOU SOOOO Much. He has a son named Jesus, and that son loves you too. Don’t think that you’re unworthy for his love. No matter what sin you’ve done, he will forgive you, just like the Prodigal Son. Leave your past behind and follow the path to finding love with God. Take care, you’re in my prayers. 😌

  • Love you 💕

  • I need the full video😣 could tell it was cut....y'all can send it to me directly please

  • The fact Dixie went to a meet and greet for Bryce hall im done 💀💀💀

  • 😄

  • We defo need another episode

  • Larray is such a mood

  • Larray is so funny